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TheSyx: Please Forgive Me

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I know at least one of you think this was a good idea.  My mom does too.

But seriously, I don't.

What did I think I could possibly gain from this?

What reason did I have for this?  When I look back on it, I had no reasons for breaking up with her.

No.  I need her back.

I was a fool.  An idiot.

I think one of the reasons was so I could date other girls.  pheh.  That's nothing.  That would just make for a more awkward situation.

God, I hope she's not too badly hurt.  I never wanted to hurt her.  Which sounds untruthful, because you can't break up with someone who loves you without hurting them.

I hope she'll take me back.

I was going to talk to someone about this, but no, I have to do it.  I don't care if anyone else thinks I'm a moron for getting back together with her.  She's my life.  Without her, I'm not truly living.

Current Music:
Mad Season - Matchbox Twenty (Wow, that really fits)
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